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Diaper Bags and Dodgy Mechanics

I couldn't be more p*ssed off with the mechanic we take our car too. We just moved to a new area - well a new country in fact (New Zealand to London) and so we bought a new car and took it to the mechanic around the corner from us. He seemed like a decent guy at first - we needed the radiator replaced and he seemed to do a good job along with a few other minor things. Anyway a few weeks later we found out it was leaking coolant. He basically told me he couldn't be bothered to find out where it was leaking from. The latest saga is the brake discs, he replaced them at the same time, and now when you put the brakes on it makes an AWFUL sound like metal touching metal. I go back there and he told me to drive for a bit with the handbrake on. I told him to get busy and fix it properly.. fingers crossed the car doesn't end up even more broken.

So I've stared thinking about Diaper Bags. I really need a lighter handbag anyway because my current one is leather and huge and SO heavy. So in typical Laura style I found a bag that I love and of course its like a few seasons old and no longer available.. on ebay or anywhere.. I despair :(

The Mum bag by Stella McCartney for LeSportSac

My dream solution would be to get the Louis Vuitton Totally GM and use that with a diaper bag insert. I love it, its perfect has 2 pockets on the outside for bottles etc and a zip top, canvas so it is light and wipeable.. and more importantly completely gorgeous. But of course way out of my price range.

So for the mean time I scour ebay for cute LeSportSac bags. I just want something light so canvas or nylon and big, with wide shoulder straps so it is comfortable to wear and in a plain colour.

I'm starting to worry about my lack of fitness. Its not so much the weight gain that bothers me, probably because I haven't actually stepped on the scale so I don't know how much I have gained haha. But I am actually sitting on my ass for most of the day and I feel reaaaaaally lazy, and I know its not good for me or baby. So I just need to exchange the pants I bought for the right size and then I need to get off my bum and do something. It would be ideal if I could just do a brisk walk everyday - but I have never been able to motivate myself to do that - so if that doesn't work then I will re-join the gym.


that first diaper bag is cute! it's a shame they don't sell it anymore. don't worry, i am also starting to feel bad about my lack of fitness! at my last doctor's appt. i found out i'd gained 12 lbs. in a month! i too feel i should be taking walks in the mornings, to at least feel a little better about myself and my baby's health. i cannot motivate myself to do it either... that's because i used to be a runner. it's never too late to start though. i'm thinking maybe i'll start next week. ;)