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18 weeks

18 weeks and still no job! I feel like I have failed a little bit at life. Stupid UK. Why do you hate me so much.
Anyway my belly is starting to get big properley now and its baby not food finally.
I have gained a bit more weight than I would like to have.. about 4kgs. I didn't really want to gain more than 10 or so for the whole pregnancy.. so I am going to have to be very careful. At least we actually have some scales now so I can keep track a bit more carefully.

Had some crazy vivid dreams last night that I had the baby and it was a boy. And that I was breastfeeding it. When I woke up I swear it felt like I had just been BF and I knew what it felt like lol!! Also in my dream I didn't wrap the baby up warm enough poor baby and it was all cold :( Oh no even in my dreams I am a bad mummy lol.

Bought some non-underwire bras yesterday, 2 for £15 and omwow so comfortable. Seems I have gone up 2 band sizes and a cup size too.. although i dont really believe I have gone up 2 band sizes because my existing bras are only a tad tight on the band.

What else is new.. naht much... been snowing here.. so pretty in the mornings when its all bright and white. Meant to be going to pick up our car tomorrow but the guy is a noob and not replying to my demanding emails. Baby has been moving and kicking like crazy, yesterday I was on the bus and this girl was talking like crazy and really irratating me lol and the baby just kicked the whole time. I like to think she was irratating the baby too lol.

Oh yeah so looks like the baby is definately going to be born in the UK now too. Just crossing my fingers that we get to move into the house before it is born, otherwise I'm gonna regret my decision a lot. Where we are staying now is just, not private and not where I want to raise a little baby. The house is lovely and private but still close to where we are at the moment so I can come and see everyone all the time and yet not hear certain people playing there music or shouting or laughing like they are psychotic which gets quite old after a while.

Been looking at prams and stuff... far out they are expensive. Very hard to figure out what to get too.. I definately want one which lies flat and is facing me, and old fashioned basinette style one. Can't decide on if we need a basinette either, thats part of the reason I want to move into the house asap so we can get it all set up incase the baby decides to come early or something.

So much stuff to buy: 

Car seat - £150
Cot/Crib/Basinette whatever you call it - £20
Mat for baby to lie on with toys to gaze at so it doesnt get bored - baby einstein make good ones - £10
A winter grobag - £10
A summer grobag £10
Nappies - am I going to do cloth nappies?
Babygros long sleeve and short sleeve
Some singlets
Socks and mittens